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Re: Azaraís pricing system

25.05.19 23:05


Re: Azaraís pricing system

Azaraís prices are, hands down, one of the most faithfull and useful, comparing to other similar maintenances. whereas they establish unreasonably high fees, the profit the buyer get from selling their services with us is indeed greater due to a our fee structure that includes much lower contributions.

The fees as low-level as these ones are almost unlikely to find among different cryptocurrency services. Itís just 0.3% for all the partners that have been working in conjuction with https://azara.ai/ for less than a year, and a peak fee of 1% for those whoíve been working with us for some more time. If youíre interested in converting US Dollars into BTC, and vice versa, we can give that with a fee of just 0.2%. This all makes Azara an attractive point of sale available worldwide.

We have a comprehensive variety of payment buttons, that will take your business in the big leagues. These are the safest and the most practical path to pay using cryptocurrency, which is impossible not to distinguish. Using these greatly designed buttons covered with colorful Azara logo, the clients get a possibility to pay using BTC the way which is convenient for them and beneficial for you. Also, the ongoing expansion of digital money can make your profit enhance very soon by leading more users that canít find any place accepting cryptocurrencies, except of your business.

Azara is a relatively ambitious project that never stops growing in order to thrive. We are doing everything so that our project could attract more and more people to be with us.

Weíve created a processor that saves users from change rate risk, weíve created our telegram bot and a mobile app. Right now weíre intending on launching an offline way to work with cryptocurrencies, setting up a cryptocurrency bank, a secure Bitcoin wallet, and adding some more currencies besides BTC to work with.

on our way to make everyone earn more and to distribution, Azara sets up an Affiliate program, which has no competitors. It consists of several steps:

1. Registering on our website: Get Bitcoin
2. Inviting a partner
3. spreading it
4. Getting income using our service
5. 30% of partner's income is yours

How else you can get BTC in law passively? Not a single one cryptocurrency processor dares to offer a kind of advantages.

The advantages from using Azara are apparent. The combination of all these offers is beneficial not only for businessmen, but also the common people. Our goals are to work productively and open new doors to the future for services.

27.05.19 07:08

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Re: Azaraís pricing system
Да, такого поворота событий точно никто не ожидал!
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